Residential Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance can save energy, cost, and while enhacing comfort. At Piedmont Mechanical Heating And Air Conditioning, we offer a seasonal preventative maintenance package that meets all your heating and air condition needs and addresses any potential problems before they occur as well as before the season hits.

Our 38 point maintenance program surpasses all factory required and recommended procedures and with thousands of maintence contracts under our belt, rest assured you and your systems are in confident hands.

Protect your Investment with Preventative Maintenance

Your home is your most valuable investment. You've put your savings into it, you're paying a mortgage on it and you're hoping one day you can cash in on it. However, unless you maintain it, you will probably not get the return you're expecting. Worse, you will end up having to invest much more than you intended just to keep it running. That's why you needPiedmont Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning's Preventative maintenance service for your home's air conditioning and heating system.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is a service offered by leading air conditioning companies in which your heating and cooling systems will be periodically serviced and checked prior to the impending season. AtPiedmont Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning, we have a robust program, which protects our clients against any kind of setback with respect toPiedmont Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning. Our goal is keep you as comfortable as possible without burning a hole in your pocket. We have a team of technicians who are intimately aware of the latest technology and trends in this industry and with us by your side, you have nothing to worry about.

Why opt for Preventative Maintenance?

In Metro Atlanta, air conditioning is a must-have. During hot summer days, if your air conditioning is out, it can be quite unbearable not just for you, but also for your family or your co-workers. The same is true of your heating. When the temperature drops, you need to be able to depend on your thermostat to keep everyone comfortable. The worst thing that can happen is that either of these systems fails just when you need them. You will find yourself running helter-skelter trying to get your heating repaired and in many cases, you might find yourself having to dish out a substantial sum to get it resolved. When you opt for preventative maintenance, you are protecting yourself against these risks. Your heating and cooling systems will be checked and serviced prior to each season so that whatever you need will work smoothly exactly when you need it to work.

The other exciting benefit of periodically maintaining your system is energy saving. When a HVAC technician is checking the coils and scrubbing the filters, it allows the machine to run better and thereby saves you on the energy consumed.

What we offer in our Preventative Maintenance Program

At Piedmont Mechanical, Inc., what sets us apart is our wide range of services at an incredibly affordable price. Here are some of the services covered within our program which can be initiated at 3 month or 6 monthly intervals.

Routine inspection of:

Primary, secondary and condensate drains

Blower, coils and condenser

Electrical settings and adjustments

Safety controls and set ups.

Thermostat operation and heat exchanger.

Regular monitoring of:

Voltage consumption by the motors

Starting capacity of heating and cooling cycles

Flue draft

Lubrication, cleaning and adjustment of all relevant parts to keep them in optimal working condition.

If you are looking for a dependable and effcient Metro Atlanta HVAC Company to manage your preventaive maintenance needs, Piedmont Mechanical, Inc. Heating And Air Conditoning is your ideal choice. Call us today for a free estimate.

Preventative Maintenance Check List

  • Purchase Maintenance Agreement
  • Spring Inspection (A/C)

    Indoor Unit(s)

    circleCheck Filter, Replace if Necessary
    circleCheck Evaporator Coil
    circleOil Motor (if applicable)
    circleCheck T-Stat
    circleCheck Motor Amps
    circleCheck Wires and Connections
    circleCheck drains / blow clean
    circleService Condensate Pump
    circleCheck Ducts / Air Leakage

    Outdoor Unit(s)

    circleClean Condenser Coil
    circleCheck Freon
    circleCheck Contactor
    circleCheck Wires and Connections
    circleCheck Compressor Amps
    circleOil Motor(if applicable)
    circleRecord Delta-T

    Heat Pump(s)

    circleCheck Reversing Valve
    circleCheck Defrost Cycle
    circleCheck Heat Strips

    Fall Inspection (Heating)

    circleCheck Filter, Replace if Necessary
    circleDip Switch Set
    circleOil Motor (if applicable)
    circleClean Heat Exchanger
    circleCheck for Gas Leaks
    circleCheck and Adjust burners
    circleCheck all Safety Controls
    circleClean Flame Sensor
    circleCheck Fan Control
    circleCheck Electronic Ignition / glow Coil
    circleCheck Flue Pipe for Corrosion
    circleCheck for Proper Draft
    circleCheck & Clean Humidifier