Maintenance Agreement

Air Conditioning and Heating System(s) are a major investment and consistent care will save money and unnecessary costly breakdowns and repairs. All HVAC comfort systems should be regularly checked and cleaned twice a year, once in the early spring and again in the early fall.

We offer a variety of affordable Maintenance Agreements to fit any Home Budget. For your next HVAC simply call (770) 554-7674 or complete our online form to receive a free in home comfort analysis and estimate.

5 Reason to have an Maintenance Agreement

arrow Protect and Extend the Life of your HVAC System
Correct minor problems before they become costly major ones with scheduled tune-ups and professional cleanings.

arrow Reduce Emergency Calls
Proper maintenance ensures peak efficiency and prevents problems before they happen.

arrow Save money with Schedule Maintenance
Proper adjustments and cleanings can reduce consumption up to 30% and stretch your money further.

arrow Recommended by all Major Manufactures
Regular maintenance is necessary for optimal performance and improves the quality of your indoor air.

arrow You receive Priority Service
Service agreement owners are given top-priority service with no overtime charges - ever! You will be place in the next available time-slot for your area. Please note that during busy times this may extend the wait time.

Preventative Maintenance Check List

  • Purchase Maintenance Agreement
  • Spring Inspection (A/C)

    Indoor Unit(s)

    circleCheck Filter, Replace if Necessary
    circleCheck Evaporator Coil
    circleOil Motor (if applicable)
    circleCheck T-Stat
    circleCheck Motor Amps
    circleCheck Wires and Connections
    circleCheck drains / blow clean
    circleService Condensate Pump
    circleCheck Ducts / Air Leakage

    Outdoor Unit(s)

    circleClean Condenser Coil
    circleCheck Freon
    circleCheck Contactor
    circleCheck Wires and Connections
    circleCheck Compressor Amps
    circleOil Motor(if applicable)
    circleRecord Delta-T

    Heat Pump(s)

    circleCheck Reversing Valve
    circleCheck Defrost Cycle
    circleCheck Heat Strips

    Fall Inspection (Heating)

    circleCheck Filter, Replace if Necessary
    circleDip Switch Set
    circleOil Motor (if applicable)
    circleClean Heat Exchanger
    circleCheck for Gas Leaks
    circleCheck and Adjust burners
    circleCheck all Safety Controls
    circleClean Flame Sensor
    circleCheck Fan Control
    circleCheck Electronic Ignition / glow Coil
    circleCheck Flue Pipe for Corrosion
    circleCheck for Proper Draft
    circleCheck & Clean Humidifier

    Terms and Conditions of Agreement

    The service outlined in this agreement will be performed during normal working hours. Repair service requested by the customer will be provided during normal working hours, on a preferential basis. Labor and materials will be charged at the discount agreement rates. After normal working hours, a service call fee of 1-1/2 the normal rate will be charged (emergency service). Labor and materials will be charged at the discount agreement rate.

    We will repair or replace any new component which was installed (by our company) in your existing HVAC system, during the lifetime of your system. "Lifetime" in this agreement means the lifetime of the HVAC system, which is 15 years for all brands except for Trane, which is 20 years. In cases where the component failure was caused by another problem, all recommendations for repair must be followed for the warranty to be applied.
    Repair workmanship is guaranteed on the installed part only. We do not provide a labor guarantee on parts other than those we install. If repairs later become necessary due to other defective parts, parts and labor will be charged separately. Repair charges necessary to correct defects discovered by the preventive maintenance inspection will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser and billed at the discount agreement rate. This agreement shall be null and void if any equipment covered herein has been subject to Acts of God or conditions beyond the control of Piedmont Mechanical, Inc. including but not limited to accidents, fire, misuse, improper adjustments, modifications, alteration, tampering, disconnection, vandalism or failure to properly maintain or operate the equipment.

    This agreement is automatically renewable yearly but may be terminated by Piedmont Mechanical, Inc. upon nonpayment of any amount due. Notification may be made of any payment which is not received when due and if payment is not made within (10) days from the date of such notification, this agreement shall automatically cease as of the date and Piedmont Mechanical, Inc. shall have no further obligation of any nature whatsoever. This agreement shall be subject to price revision on any anniversary date. This agreement may be terminated by the purchaser upon (30) days written notice of such intention to terminate. A refund for the remaining agreement period will be made on a prorated basis, with deductions for work already performed including administrative support.This proposal and the terms specified herein constitute our entire agreement. This proposal becomes agreement upon receipt of moneys and written approval by our authorized representatives. This agreement will run for a term of twelve (12) months and will be renewed automatically unless cancelled by either party. The customer cannot assign or transfer this agreement without written notification and approval of Piedmont Mechanical, Inc.

    In the event any sums hereunder are not paid when due but are collected by an attorney at law, Piedmont Mechanical, Inc. shall be entitled to an additional fifteen percent (15%) of the sums due as attorney's fees in addition to all costs and expenses in that collection effort.

    In the event of a disagreement between customer and Piedmont Mechanical, Inc., it is agreed the dispute will be resolved through arbitration administered by the Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc. Any dispute not resolved shall be filed and litigated exclusively in the courts in the County of Gwinnett, State of Georgia.

    During the term of this agreement, we will take all reasonable precautions to avoid injury to persons and damage to property while on premises. However, Piedmont Mechanical, Inc. shall not be responsible for any injuries or damage unless there is an adjudication of gross negligence or willful misconduct. Piedmont Mechanical, Inc. shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages. Piedmont Mechanical, Inc. shall not be responsible to customer for any insured loss.

    This agreement shall not be modified or amended except by instrument in writing signed by or on behalf of parties.

    No failure by Piedmont Mechanical, Inc. or customer to exercise any power given to either of them hereunder, shall constitute a waiver of their rights to later demand strict compliance with the terms hereof.

    Piedmont Mechanical, Inc. is licensed by the state of Georgia #CR109286